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Hidden Dangers of Waterpipe and Smokeless Tobacco


Did you know that in the UK there are over 100 different products other than cigarettes which contain tobacco?


 Do you use?

  • Gutkha, Zarda or Khaini?
  • Nasal snuff?
  • Biri or Beedi cigarettes?
  • Shisha or Hookah?

Just like smoking cigarettes, the use of such tobacco products is addictive and presents serious health risks.

A new sensation which has grown in popularity rapidly amongst young people is the smoking of “Shisha” or water pipe. It has become a social occasion like going to the movies or going out for a meal. Young people will plan and go out to cafes for a smoke and to relax. Parents may allow young children to participate as they think it is a safe alternative to cigarette smoking when in fact one full shisha session can contain the same amount of smoke as up to 100 cigarettes.

To raise awareness of the impact of using these tobacco products, and the harm caused to health, West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service was at the Millen Care Day Centre in Batley to inform service users of the harms of these types of tobacco.

Shahed Mayet centre manager of Millen Care thought it was essential for their service users to be told about the harms of tobacco as some service users have mentioned that these products are commonly used in their community and have been for more than 30 years without knowing the harms of these products. Some of them also had grandchildren who were using Shisha and wanted the information so they could pass it on to them.

Graham Hebblethwaite, Chief Officer of West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service, said “This is a growing concern in West Yorkshire as some people are under the impression that these tobacco products are a healthy alternative to cigarette smoking. Stopping tobacco at any point in a persons life can be beneficial to a persons wellbeing”.


Councillor Mohan Sokal, of the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Committee said  “We need to understand our communities in relation to their tobacco use and have a social responsibility to help them make educated choices as to what products they use.  I am pleased to see that this partnership is taking an active role in highlighting the dangers to health and would encourage anyone who would like to find out more information to contact Trading Standards.’


If you would like more information about specific niche tobacco products you can log on to


Contact Numbers -

All tobacco enquires - 0800 022 4 332


Urdu – 0800 169 0 881

Punjabi - 0800 169 0 882

Hindi - 0800 169 0 883

Gujarati - 0800 169 0 884

Bengali - 0800 169 0 885


If you would like more information or would like us to deliver training sessions or workshops regarding the effects of niche tobacco please contact Babul Hussain at Trading Standards on 0113 393 9816.


Anyone wanting information on support to stop tobacco use should contact Bradford and Airedale Stop Smoking Service 01274 202793 or Kirklees Stop Smoking Service on 01924 351498 or 01484 344285.

To make a consumer complaint contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or click here and use the online form.

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